How to Know That It’s Time for a Spring Vehicle Tune-Up

When the weather eventually begins to warm up, you’ll finally have the opportunity to get your vehicle checked out to see if it suffered any damage from the severe winter. If you live in an area that experienced snow, ice or extreme cold, these conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, especially if you keep your car parked outdoors.


Here at Auto Glass Fitters, we provide quality mobile car window repair in Boulder and across 30 states, but we are also dedicated to supplying drivers with a variety of helpful auto tips. Here are three signs that it’s time for a spring tune-up on your vehicle.


Chips in Windshield


After a long winter, we always see an increase in  windshield repair service in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. That’s because when chips or cracks occur to a windshield, drivers tend to wait unto winter is over for a repair, which is never a smart idea. Chips can quickly expand into cracks due to temperature changes, spring storms and potholes. Make sure you contact the our experts at the Auto Glass Fitters near you to get your windshield properly fixed.


Your Vehicle is Slow to Start in the Cold


While there may be a few main reasons why your vehicle isn’t starting up, the most common cause could be your spark plugs and wires that need to be replaced. Your battery could be weak, or another electronic part could be going bad. Regardless of the issue, your local car mechanic can get your vehicle fixed up during a spring tune-up.


Your Engine Hesitates When You Accelerate


This issue can be caused by a clogged air filter or fuel line. If you’ve noticed this happening during the cold winter months, your car mechanic will be able to locate if the issue is your engine not getting enough spark or another problem.


If you are out traveling this spring and the unexpected happens, such as a rock hitting your window and causing damage, you can contact our team at Auto Glass Fitters for auto glass service that will come to your exact location, and get the job done right. Call today!