3 Ways Your Windshield Can Crack

Picture this. You’re driving down the road with your favorite radio station on, the windows are down, and it feels like there’s nothing that can stop you. Sounds like a pretty good day, right? But, with years of driving experience under your belt, you know that a frustrating car problem can occur at any moment. Whether it’s a flat tire, check engine light or cracked windshield, these issues need to be resolved by a professional.

Here at Auto Glass Fitters, our mobile auto glass replacement service in Washington County is there when you need your cracked windshield replaced. Don’t drive your vehicle with a cracked windshield, not only is it illegal but it can also be a danger to you and others in the car. Here are three ways your windshield could crack.


Debris from Construction Vehicles

Doesn’t it seem that almost everywhere you drive there is some sort of construction happening on the road? As you drive across a construction site, you’ve probably become all too familiar with the sound of gravel kicking up. That same gravel and dirt can also fly off of construction vehicles and other drivers traveling on the highways, causing your windshield to chip. This chip can expand to a crack due to temperature and time, making it imperative for drivers to get it fixed immediately.



If you’ve never experienced a hail storm in your region of the country, consider yourself lucky. For those who have, you understand firsthand how dangerous it can be when coin-sized pieces of ice plummet from the sky. You don’t even need to be driving to suffer the damages from a hail storm. The more intense the storm, the more likely it is for your windshield to crack.



While this may seem like an obvious one, it is still worth mentioning. The stress from the impact of a car accident is another way your windshield can crack. Regardless if you were only in a little fender bender, your windshield is still at risk of cracking or breaking.


At Auto Glass Fitters, it’s our mission to ensure you are as safe as possible while driving on the road. If you need a back windshield replacement in Wayne County, you can contact our experts to get the job done right. Again, it is important that you act immediately as a crack in your glass will only get worse. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.