5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a Used Car

5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a Used Car

When you’re purchasing a used car, there are a lot of unknowns. You usually don’t know the person who drove the car, how they drove it, for how long, and what happened in the interim. The best way to find out is through questions. When you’re out at a car dealership, consider asking these five questions before you sign any paperwork:

  • How was the car maintained?

You can learn a lot about a car when you find out who maintained it. Was it maintained by a dealership, independent mechanic, or someone who’s unaffiliated with a garage? While people on all sides can do comparable work, knowing who worked on your vehicle can give you an idea of how it was kept up with.

  • Has the car been in any accidents?

Whether or not the used car you are purchasing has been in accidents can not only affect the structural integrity of your car — it can change the value of it as well. If your car has a salvage title, it’s not worth much and could be dangerous to operate.

  • Do you have service records?

If the seller of your used car has the service records available, it’s likely that they’ve kept the car maintained and in good shape. If they’re unavailable, you’re less likely to know what you’re purchasing.

  • Do you have ownership records?

Seeing if you’re buying your used car from someone who owned and cared for the car for years will help you make a judgment call as far as how the car was taken care of. If the car was purchased just a few months ago and the owner is already trying to change hands, that should be a red flag.

  • Do you have the title in hand?

If you’re buying your car from a long-time owner or a seller that has outstanding loans with a bank, obtaining the title for your new (used) vehicle may be another hoop to jump through. Make sure to ask this question and then ask yourself if the car is worth the extra work.

Asking these five questions can help you save yourself some time and money when you’re purchasing a used car.

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