Spring Cleaning: It’s For Your Car Too

As one of the leading providers of windshield replacement service in Akron and surrounding areas, we work with thousands of vehicles in any given year. We believe that safety comes first and encourage all our customers to keep their automobiles in excellent shape. That’s why our team of mechanics, installers, and professionals have pooled together our spring cleaning tips for your car. Feel free to use this blog as a point of reference to keep your vehicle fresh throughout springtime. Not sure if you really want to clean your car? Here are three reasons why we think you should:


Winter can be harsh on your vehicle. Therefore it’s essential to renovate your car to keep it safe, clean, and roadworthy!

Remove the Winter Tires:

Leaving winter tires on all year round can cause damage to your vehicle and can be very dangerous. Try and remember to replace them as early as possible when springtime arrives. Winter tires contain a rubber compound that erodes quickly on roads when there is no ice present. Therefore, we recommend using all-season tires for the warmer months when roadways are both hotter and drier.

Wash and Wax the Car:

By washing and waxing the exterior of the car, you can make the vehicle look and feel brand new again. Shifting any dirt, salt, and dust can give the vehicle a new lease of life. Applying wax to a freshly washed and dried car can strengthen the paint and add a sheen to the car. Be sure to clean the headlights and mirrors using glass cleaner. Rainfall won’t give your car the wash it deserves, so don’t wait for a rainy day!

Clear out the Trunk:

It’s so easy to put things in the trunk of the car and forget about them during winter. There’s probably a treasure trove of useless rubbish just waiting to be cleaned out. Take the weight out of the back of your car by clearing out the trunk, vacuuming, and making space to store new things over the warmer months.

Clean the Car Interior:

When cleaning the inside of the car, lift all floor mats and clean underneath them. Many people are surprised to see the number of random things that can be hidden in their vehicle after a long winter. Check under the seats and vacuum up any dirt and salts. Try not to use damaging chemicals — rub over the seats with a damp cloth instead.

After your spring clean, check your windshield and give us a call if you need windshield repair services in Akron or surrounding areas.