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Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services in the Columbus Area

Columbus, OH, is the gateway to the Midwest, and the second largest Midwestern city next to Chicago. While it may not be well known to outsiders, Columbus is a vast city with historical landmarks and beautiful art and architecture.

If you’re a Franklin County, OH, native, or just a motorist passing through, you may have had an unfortunate experience on the road which led you to find this page. If your windshield was damaged while driving down the highway, especially for the first time, you may be wondering what you should do.

But don’t worry. Our experienced technicians will answer all of your questions thoroughly when you call for your mobile auto glass repair or replacement.

Auto Glass Mobile Services in the Columbus, OH, Area

We offer a variety of auto glass services, including mobile auto glass repair and replacement, for those who are in the vicinity of Franklin County, OH:

  • Mobile Car Window Repair – If your car window is damaged for whatever reason, you’ll want it repaired immediately. Not only will you not be able to raise or lower the window, but if there are any remains of broken glass, it can be dangerous for any passengers in the vehicle.
  • Mobile Car Window Replacement – Many times, if the damage is more extensive, the entire car window needs to be replaced. Our technicians will not only carefully replace your window to give you protection from the elements, but they will also remove any broken glass and debris that may have entered your vehicle as a result of the damage.
  • Mobile Windshield Repair – Perhaps the most common windshield issue is when a small stone or other item has hit the glass, often while driving down the highway or another high-speed roadway. As long as the chip is small, it then our windshield repair service will be sufficient. However, drivers should be aware that over time, the fracture will spread to the point where you will need windshield replacement service.
  • Mobile Windshield Replacement Service – If a larger object has impacted your windshield, such as golf ball-sized hail or a tree branch, or the chip in your windshield is larger than an inch in diameter, then you will require windshield replacement service.
  • Back Windshield Replacement – Although the damage to the back windshield may be less common than the front, there are still times where you will find yourself in need of back windshield replacement. Our technicians are just as thorough as they are with our mobile windshield replacement service. They will safely remove the old back windshield, replace the adhesive and use new sealant to install the new back windshield.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Replacement for All Vehicles

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, regardless of the make, model or year, the technicians at Auto Glass Fitters will be able to safely provide the auto glass mobile service that you need. Need mobile car window repair or mobile windshield repair? They’ll come right to your location in a jiffy. Even if you need mobile car window replacement or mobile windshield replacement anywhere in the greater Columbus area, our technicians will be there to help you as soon as possible, letting you drive more safely.

The next time you need windshield repair service, or any other type of mobile auto glass repair or replacement, contact Auto Glass Fitters.