3 Ways Your Windshield Can Crack

Picture this. You’re driving down the road with your favorite radio station on, the windows are down, and it feels like there’s nothing that can stop you. Sounds like a pretty good day, right? But, with years of driving experience under your belt, you know that a frustrating car problem can occur at any moment. […]

Infographic: Is It Time for a Spring Tune-Up?

Here at Auto Glass Fitters, we are happy to offer windshield replacements and other windshield repair service throughout Philadelphia as well as many other cities located in 30 states across the country! We are also happy to inform our clients about when it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a tune-up.       […]

How to Know That It’s Time for a Spring Vehicle Tune-Up

When the weather eventually begins to warm up, you’ll finally have the opportunity to get your vehicle checked out to see if it suffered any damage from the severe winter. If you live in an area that experienced snow, ice or extreme cold, these conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, especially if you […]

How Do Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Affect Windshield Replacement?

If you undergo the unfortunate circumstances of receiving an unexpected crack in your windshield, it might be more difficult to repair than you think if your vehicle had an advanced driver assistance system.  Fortunately, our team of technicians here at Auto Glass Fitters, the premier auto glass mobile service providers serving Lancaster and many other cities […]

How to Avoid Rocks on the Road

Nothing puts a dent in your day like an unexpected crack in your windshield. Although we can easily repair chips and cracks, you’d obviously rather not obtain any damage at all. While often unavoidable, there are certain practices you can apply to decrease the chances of a rock flying up into your windshield. Take it […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Must Repair Your Windshield Immediately

You’re driving alone, going about your day when out of nowhere a rock impacts your windshield. It leaves only a small chip, so you aren’t that worried, but you should be. Continue below to find out why you should call us for mobile windshield repair in York, PA, and beyond immediately. If you need a front […]

Why You Must Repair Small Chips Immediately

You’re on your way to work, having a normal day when suddenly a stone flies up into your windshield. It only leaves a small chip, so you aren’t very concerned, but you should be. Call us for a mobile windshield repair in York, PA, and beyond as soon as possible. Here are some reasons why: […]

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Take these tips into account when it comes to driving in the snow, courtesy of your mobile auto glass repair experts of New Brighton and beyond, Auto Glass Fitters. For the leading mobile car window replacement company serving Hamilton County as well as many cities nationwide, contact our team here at Auto Glass Fitters. Call […]

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