What Is The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard?

What is the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard? This is probably a question you didn’t think you’d be asking today. But, the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is a safe and dependable standard for replacing car windshields.

At Auto Glass Fitters, we seek to provide you with services that adhere to the AGRSS. We also believe that it’s important to educate our readers about industry-related topics. Here are some things you need to know about the AGRSS.

The AGRSS was created by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) with the support from American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The AGSC was founded in the late 1990s when windshield professionals met with various industry leaders that consisted of manufacturers, carmakers and glass retailers with the goal of setting a standard for auto glass safety.

This standard is an example of the windshield replacement industry’s best method of replacing windshields while complying with ANSI guidelines. It contains a general industry idea of recommended terms, definitions, procedures, steps and process.

Since 1999, many auto glass retailers have agreed to follow the AGRSS, leading to a higher level of safety to the consumer. The AGSC makes sure to provide the necessary information for auto glass retailers to make sure all the right steps and procedures are taken to provide the maximum drive and passenger safety.

The AGRSS addresses six crucial areas in the installation process:

  • Installation standards for adhesive bonded glass
  • Vehicle assessment
  • Installation standards for rubber gasket set glass
  • Additional requirements for all other glass in a vehicle
  • Continuing education for auto glass technicians
  • Selection of glass and retention systems

This standard is regularly monitored by AGSC and the auto glass industry. Its purpose is fivefold.

  • Improve the overall performance and practices of auto glass technicians and raise the level of professionalism within the industry.
  • Make sure that auto glass replacement meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard requirements.
  • Provide guidelines and objectives to the groups that supply products, education and training in the auto glass industry.
  • Boost public awareness on safe installation, as well as the as improper installation and the danger that can result from that.
  • Ensure a standard that all auto glass replacement companies should follow.

Before any technician installs a replacement windshield, they must be fully qualified for the task they are assigned to perform. Qualifications include completion of a training program with a final exam and an ongoing education exercise.

This training program focuses on Adhesive System Manufacturer specific comprehensive retention system, AGR safety issues, an understanding of OEM installation, technical specifications and the opportunity to use the skills that are taught.

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