Anti-Skid Materials May Be Putting Your Windshield at Risk

Winter is almost over, but unfortunately, it’s left behind a few hazards.

Before the Storm

Before every snow storm, PennDOT treats 40,000 miles of road with a mix of salt and anti-skid material. The salt melts the ice, while the anti-skid stones provide traction. Since salt needs to be spread on well-traveled roads to achieve peak effectiveness, rural roads tend to have more anti-skid materials than salt.

After the Storm

The trouble is that anti-skid materials can stay on the road long after the snow falls. Cars and trucks will kick these small stones up into the air — and into your windshield.

At Auto Glass Fitters, many drivers are asking about our mobile auto glass replacement near Montgomery County, PA and throughout the country after getting hit with flying anti-skid gravel. In some areas of Pennsylvania, there have been so many chipped and split windshields that suppliers are running out of replacements!

What Would You Do?

Let’s say you’re driving on the highway and suddenly hear a loud crack as anti-skid material smacks against your windshield. There’s a chip in the right-hand corner of your front window, hardly even big enough to see. Like many of our customers, this might be your first time dealing with a damaged windshield, and you have to choose between two options:

  1. Wait a while to fix it
  2. Call an auto glass repair specialist right away

If You Wait …

The longer you wait, the bigger your eventual bill will be. Chips that are left unfixed will grow into large cracks that require a full windshield replacement. They can also:

  • Create a dangerous weak spot in the glass
  • Obstruct visibility
  • Distract you while driving

If You Call …

Small chips can be repaired for a much lower cost than a full windshield replacement. Your insurance company may even waive your deductible! Additionally, repairing your damaged auto glass doesn’t have to inconvenience you. With Auto Glass Fitters’ mobile repair services, a highly-trained technician can fix your windshield at your home, your office, or anywhere that you need to be.

If your windshield has been damaged by anti-skid materials or any of life’s other hazards, then you might benefit from our auto glass mobile service near Berkeley County Call us today at 1-877-256-2054.