What Does My Car Know About Me?

We don’t often think about what our cars may or may not know about us, and maybe that’s for the best. As the years go on, the technology in cars is gaining more of an ability to learn our activities and driving habits. Auto corporations are implementing complex computerized systems for our vehicles and building databanks based upon a driver’s predicted actions.

As of right now, one thing your car (or the manufacturer) may not know about is when you have a crack in your windshield. In the future, systems may be developed to recreate the functionality of your windshield, but for now, it’s relatively standard. When windows get damaged, rely on the auto glass technicians at Auto Glass Fitters for your mobile car window repair in Denver, CO and across the country.

So, right now, what is it likely that your car knows about you?

Your Location or Distance from Your Car

As we integrate and begin to circumvent the presumed boundaries that different technologies have in relation to one another, we can glean more information, derived from more complex systems of data, to help streamline inconveniences in our daily lives. One of the inconveniences that is common among many people is forgetting exactly where we may have parked our cars.

Luckily, iPhone, Android, and GM don’t want for us to have to suffer through these issues. When people with a recent enough model integrate their phone’s Bluetooth capability with that of their vehicle’s, they can use a feature on their phone that interacts with the car to show where they left it and how far their vehicle is from their current location. With these technologies’ integration, not only can you know where your vehicle is, but your car can know where you are too.

If You’re Tired

Ever driven while you’re tired? It’s not the best idea, and many car manufacturers agree. In recent years, producers have been installing new tech that can compile the average driving habits of the car’s owner. When they depart from these habits, the computer is warned, and the car attempts to make predictions about what could be a cause for this action. As a means to reduce the commonality of tried drivers on the road, many new cars come equipped with technology that notifies the driver when they’re driving in a way that may indicate that they need rest. Notifications may come up on their dashboard, and some manufacturers even use predictors that suggest the driver takes a break.

It’s Learning More

Each year, with the utilization of new technology, car manufacturers can learn more and more about the drivers of their cars. Using cloud-based servers to communicate information back to a manufacturer’s database, companies are gaining the ability to sell their customer’s data to larger conglomerates for a post-sale profit. Some things that are currently being tested among consumers are coupons for local gas stations when a driver’s as a tank gets low on fuel and suggestions for places to stop for coffee (based upon an individual’s predicted preference).

We’re excited about these advancements in technology here at Auto Glass Fitters. As these new systems gain further universality, we will still be providing mobile windshield replacement in Denver and around the nation. Learn more about our services as you browse our website, or contact us to schedule a repair or replacement.