5 Ways to Prepare your Car for the Summer Heat

On a summer day, if it’s 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 104 degrees. After just an hour, this temperature can rise to 113 degrees. Cars parked in direct sunlight can get as hot as 172 degrees inside. As a leading provider of auto glass mobile service in Lancaster, we’ve listed some tips to prepare your car for the summer heat below.

Check the Battery

The summer heat can warp a car battery. We recommend stopping by your local auto repair shop to get your battery tested before your car breaks down, or won’t start at all. You’ll find that a lot of stores will check your battery for free. It’s a quick and efficient way to prevent any future problems with your car’s power supply.

Check the Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an absolute lifesaver, both when driving and sitting stationary in the car during hot weather conditions. It’s beneficial for humans and animals alike. Kids and pets can suffer from heatstroke and die when left in hot cars. Check the refrigerant levels if your AC is circulating warm air. Also, make sure that you replace your car’s air filter regularly.

Top Off All Fluids

Make sure that all of your car’s fluids are topped off before embarking on a summer road trip. Check the oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid and power steering fluid as a matter of urgency this summer.

Install New Wiper Blades

Worn wiper blades can be dangerous and useless, even when the rain is light. Replace your wiper blades if they are not in contact with the glass, and do this before the summer thunderstorms hit, to avoid any risk of an accident while driving through the rain.

Check the Tire Pressure and Change from Winter to All-Season Tires

When temperatures increase, tire pressure can fluctuate. When tire pressure is beneath or over the recommended measurement for your vehicle, it makes your car less fuel-efficient. It can also lead to uneven wear and tear on the tire tread, meaning your tires will need to be replaced more frequently.

Winter tires are not designed for summer roads and can actually be dangerous, so make sure that you swap them out at your earliest convenience, at the start of the summer or the end of spring. If in the course of preparing your car for the summer, you find you need a window replacement in Lancaster or the surrounding areas, call us at 1877-256-2054, or click here now.

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