Four Types of Car Maintenance & Repairs You Probably Put off — But Shouldn’t

Every driver knows, or at least should know, the importance of car maintenance. No, not maintenance you get every two years when you finally remember to get your oil changed, but regular maintenance and repairs for existing issues with your beloved vehicle. If we really understand the importance of car maintenance and repairs, then why do so many of us constantly put them off, thinking they’re “no big deal”? We even dread dealing with something as simple as brake work, tires, and mobile windshield repair in Columbia County, PA.

Over time, putting off these repairs can have significant consequences. Check out this infographic that covers the downside of putting off maintenance and repairs, and then continue reading below as we discuss which auto issues you should get fixed immediately.

Windshield Repairs

A chip in a car’s windshield is often neglected. What could be a simple repair often turns into a much larger problem. If not taken care of, a chip can turn into a larger crack, which then necessitates the entire windshield being replaced. Failing to repair a windshield can obstruct your view, which puts you and your passengers at risk. A damaged windshield also loses structural integrity, putting it in a precarious position in an accident.

Brake Work

Your brakes play an integral role in your vehicle’s safety system. They’re what keep your tires from spinning and gliding. Over time, the friction created by brake pads and calipers can wear down the rotors in the system, making them less efficient. It’s important to get brakes inspected and replenish necessary fluids to ensure it operates properly.


As a driver, you’ve likely experienced the road in all conditions. Your tires are an essential feature of your car and is responsible for providing traction against the road. When your tires become worn out and damaged, their tread no longer provides adequate traction.

Oil Change

Haven’t you heard that rule to “get your oil changed every 3,000 miles?” Honestly, this is not entirely accurate and varies from car to car. However, the significance of a timely oil change should never be underestimated. Neglecting to change your oil can lead to engine problems, which will cost you more time and money down the road. Routine oil and filter maintenance can help remove dirt and other particles from your engine, allowing for better engine performance.

Don’t wait to get car maintenance and repair services when necessary. If you need affordable, convenient mobile windshield repair in Salt Lake City or anywhere in the country, contact the experts at Auto Glass Fitters right away. For more information about windshield repair, please contact us directly at 1-877-256-2054.  


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