How to Pay for a Windshield Replacement

We understand that cost is one of the leading factors when deciding whether your windshield really needs that repair or not. In some cases, it doesn’t, but in most cases it does. Small surface pits, for example, don’t damage the integrity of your windshield, so they don’t require immediate attention and repairs unless they spread in diameter and depth. Stress cracks, however, usually span the whole windshield, and their spiderweb formation makes replacements inevitable. Whether you like it or not, a significantly damaged windshield needs replacement. Luckily, you have some payment options to consider before your Auto Glass Fitters windshield replacement service, available in Akron and many cities nationwide. 

Insurance Claims

Most people aren’t aware that a windshield repair or replacement service can be covered by their insurance. While this isn’t always the case, it doesn’t hurt to call your insurance provider and ask. Generally, your windshield replacement should be covered under comprehensive car insurance, but not under basic liability insurance. 

Comprehensive insurance is part of full coverage car insurance. While liability insurance only covers the cost of damage you might cause others during an accident, full coverage covers any damage caused to your car, whether it’s from an accident or not. Things like weather damage, fire damage, or windshield replacement are usually covered under comprehensive car insurance. 

Depending on the size of the repair or replacement, your comprehensive car insurance deductible may be able to cover the entire cost of the service. Whatever costs are outstanding is what you would be responsible for paying out of pocket. 

Out of Pocket

If you don’t own comprehensive car insurance, or if the cost of the replacement does not exceed the deductible, you will be responsible for paying the expenses out of pocket. While this may deter some drivers from getting the required glass repairs, we stress that the safety of all vehicle passengers is dependent on a properly installed and functioning windshield.

Auto Glass Fitters offers a free, online quote service, so drivers know what they’re paying beforehand. Customers only have to input their location, vehicle information, and extent of the damage to get their quote. It’s important to remember that this quote is an estimate based on the information provided. If our certified repair technicians determine that your vehicle will need more or less extensive repairs, we will update the price. 

Schedule an Appointment

You can use our online quote generator to schedule an appointment quickly. Or you can call us at 877-256-2054 to speak to a representative. Auto Glass Fitters is Akron’s trusted windshield repair service company, offering unmatched products and services for all of our local customers. 

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