The Importance of Side Window Replacements

When you have a broken side window, it’s an invitation for all sorts of intruders to enter your car. Not only does a windowless side door make your car most susceptible to auto burglary or theft, but also to external contaminants, like dirt and debris. Side windows replacements are a quick process at Auto Glass Fitters, the leading mobile auto glass replacement service in Lancaster County and beyond. 

Why You Should Repair Your Side Window

A broken side window allows trespassers easy access into your vehicle. Instead of having to break the glass themselves, manually unlock the door, or deal with the car alarm, burglars can easily reach into the broken window to search and seize whatever they’d like. If your car isn’t currently outfitted with a properly installed side window, make sure you bring all valuable items home when you’re done driving; we’re talking electronics, bags, and even your vehicle documentation. 

Broken side windows also strip away protection from outside factors, such as debris and weather damages. To make sure your car interior isn’t vulnerable to outdoor elements, we encourage you to immediately seal any holes in the glass until you can get your car into the shop for a window replacement. Most people use a combination of cardboard, plastic sheet, and extra-strength tape to make sure the hole is covered securely. This will also help keep some air conditioning or heat inside the car. 

Remember: sealing a broken car window is only a temporary solution until you can have your window professionally replaced by an experienced technician. 

Our Repair Process

Once you bring your car into an Auto Glass Fitters shop, one of our verified glass technicians will inspect the damage carefully before starting the repair process. We will remove your door panel and clean the car of any glass shards or pieces before inserting the new window. Once the replacement window is put in place, we will perform all the necessary testing to make sure your window is functioning properly. If everything is working perfectly, we will replace the door panel, clean the glass, and inspect the installation to make sure it fits the Auto Glass Fitters standards. 

Schedule a Repair Today

If you’re in the unfortunate situation where you need a side window or windshield replacement, you know who to call. Auto Glass Fitters has been the local mobile windshield replacement service in Lancaster County and the rest of the nation for years. Our certified glass technicians can service any make or model car, from Ford to Porsche. All of our services come with a free one-year warranty, so you know we’re serious about providing exceptional care to all of our customers. Call today at 877-256-2054 to schedule your glass replacement.