5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Family’s Spring Break Road Trip

One of the many nice things about spring, along with warmer weather, budding trees, and blooming flowers, is the chance to get away from the daily grind and let loose with your family. 

Yes, we’re talking about Spring Break.

While college students and young adults might see this as a time to fly off to a tropical paradise and party as hard as possible for a week, parents all over the country are planning to load their kids in the car and hit the road for a lower-key, budget-friendly getaway that’s fun for all ages.

It’s not too late to start planning a Spring Break road trip for your family. Here are a few tips from the mobile windshield repair experts at Auto Glass Fitters.

  • Pick the Right Destination

You know your family members, their individual temperaments, and their various likes and dislikes. Make sure the vacation you’re planning is suitable. Will your kids be OK sitting in the car for a long drive without driving you crazy? Are the attractions at your destination age-appropriate? How about the weather forecast? If they’re expecting big storms and you’ll be stuck in a hotel the entire week, you might want to come up with an alternate plan.  

  • Get Your Car Tuned Up

Spring vehicle maintenance is a good idea, anyway, to make sure your car didn’t take too big of a beating during the winter. If you’re planning a family road trip, visiting a mechanic beforehand is an absolute necessity. You don’t want your vacation memories to consist of roadside emergencies, tow truck drivers, and big repair bills.

  • Organize the Packing Process

We have to re-emphasize checking the weather forecast for your destination and packing accordingly, so you don’t end up having to shop for warm clothing or rain gear for twice the price at a convenience store along the way. Once you know what type of clothing to bring, make a list of exactly what you’ll need for each day of the trip and only pack those items. Limit the kids to one favorite toy, game, or electronic device to keep the car from getting cluttered or any valuables from getting lost. 

  • Bring Plenty of Nutritious Snacks

Road trips and hunger go hand in hand. You’ll be bombarded with greasy fast food options, and overpriced gas station treats along your journey. You can save money and keep yourself and the kids on a healthy eating plan by packing your own nutritious snacks. Don’t forget to bring a cooler filled with plenty of water and juice boxes. 

  • Stay Healthy & Safe

Get plenty of rest before setting off on any long drive, and make frequent stops to stretch, use the restroom and re-energize. Don’t drive impaired, and follow the rules of the road — even if you’re running behind schedule. Make sure you and the kids wash your hands at every pit stop, and bring hand sanitizer to ward off germs when hand-washing options are lacking.   

A little bit of planning, a few precautions, and just enough vigilance out on the road, and your family can enjoy a Spring Break trip to remember! Keep in mind that Auto Glass Fitters provides mobile windshield replacement services throughout the Northeast and in 30 states from coast to coast, and our team is ready to help if your vehicle incurs any windshield or window damage in the course of your travels. Contact us to learn more!