Tips for Protecting Your Car While It’s Parked for a Prolonged Period of Time

With so many people working from home — or just staying home — during the coronavirus crisis, we’re seeing far fewer cars out on the roads. 

That might be cause for joy, as families contemplate how much money they’re saving on gas. However, it’s important for drivers to stay on top of their vehicle maintenance, even while they’re not driving. A car sitting idle for a prolonged period of time can encounter issues, such as a dead battery, deteriorating components, or the need for windshield repair in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding region. 

Here are some ways to help keep your ride in good shape while you wait out the COVID-19 pandemic, courtesy of your friends at Auto Glass Fitters.

  • Drive it regularly — You don’t have to travel far, but experts recommend driving your car at least once a week to keep the battery revved up, all the moving parts lubricated, and the tires from losing pressure and developing “flat spots.”
  • Cover it up — If you own a garage, but you’ve been using it to store everything else but your car, now would be a great time for some spring cleaning! Keeping your car covered will help to protect it from damage due to weather, broken branches, excessive bird droppings, and even the neighborhood kids and their errant bicycles and sporting equipment.
  • Watch where you park — If you don’t have a garage or access to a car cover, be mindful of where you leave your car. Is it under a huge tree, in a “high-traffic” area of the neighborhood where kids like to play, or in a place where flocks of birds tend to hang out? 
  • Don’t skip your spring tune-up — Many auto body shops are still open for service, with heightened health and safety precautions in place. It’s not a bad idea to schedule spring vehicle maintenance (oil change, brake check, etc.) so your car is ready to rock when regular daily activity picks back up again. 
  • Go get gas! Did you know that gasoline can go bad? We explain how old fuel can affect your vehicle and what you can do about it in this infographic.

If your vehicle suffers any damage to its windshield, side or rear windows during the COVID-19 crisis, you can still count on Auto Glass Fitters to provide mobile auto glass repair in Lancaster, PA, or anywhere in the surrounding region. Visit our website to see the full list of precautions we’re taking to keep our customers and employees safe and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to schedule service today.