Windshield Pitting: Causes and Remedies

After you’ve driven your car for many years, you might notice that windshield glare has formed on the glass and is making your drives a little more challenging than before. While there are several causes of this glare, windshield pitting is a possible cause that’s a little more difficult to mend than the others. But, what is windshield pitting? This guide will examine what windshield pitting is, what causes it, the dangers associated with it, and what can be done to address it.

What is Glass Pitting?

Glass pitting is the result of sand, dust, and other kinds of debris crashing against a windshield. When these particles collide with the windshield at high speeds, they embed in the glass and create craters. Though they are not significant at first, the impact of these craters can become serious after prolonged exposure. The small craters distort the light that comes into contact with the windshield, which is responsible for the irritating glares or specks that occur while you’re out on the road.

Certain conditions make glass pitting more likely to happen. Those who drive on the highway are more susceptible to pitting due to the long periods of high speed their car travels at. Additionally, sandy and dusty locations contain more debris that causes the creates to form. Unfortunately, icy weather isn’t free from pitting either, as the salt on the road and sleet can also contribute to the pitting phenomenon. Contact with certain chemicals and frequent shifts in temperature are also potential causes, so drivers who regularly encounter those conditions should be wary of pitting.

What are the Dangers of Glass Pitting?

Those who have cars that suffer from window glare are prone to numerous safety hazards that threaten their livelihood while on the road. Some of these hazards include:

  • The light refractions caused by the craters can cause temporary blindness and sunspots. Given how vital it is for drivers to see what’s on the road in front of them, sight limitations can be a grave problem that could lead to crashes.
  • Years of pitting can weaken the durability of a windshield. As fragile glass is a significant safety concern, car owners should have their pitting problems addressed sooner rather than later.
  • As the blades of windshield wipers come into contact with the craters, it damages their shape and makes them less effective at cleaning. This occurrence, in turn, means that glass pitting can be a threat to your windshield’s wipers and not just the glass itself.

What are the Remedies for Glass Pitting?

Those who seek to rid their cars of windshield glare caused by pitting do not have many options available. Though some minor pits can be smoothed over by a professional, polishing can make the windshield uneven and worsen the preexisting problems. The preferred solution is to replace the damaged windshield entirely, so you no longer have to drive with windshield glare.

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