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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services in the Cleveland Area

Located along the southern shore of Lake Erie lies Cleveland, OH, the state’s second largest city. The entire metro area is home to over two million people. While some people use public transportation, many people in the areas surrounding the city commute to work in their personal vehicles.

Picture this: You’re driving into the city one morning, running just a little bit late. Unfortunately, you get stuck behind a massive tractor trailer. You’re just about to turn off at your exit when you hear a thwack. Unsure of the origin of the sound, you look around until you notice a hefty chip in your windshield. Great. You know that you won’t have time after work to drive anywhere to get it repaired. Now what do you do?

Call Auto Glass Fitters. No matter where you are in Cuyahoga County, OH, whether you’re at work, school or in a grocery store parking lot, we’ll come to your rescue to get you back on the road with our fast and affordable mobile auto glass repair and replacement.

Mobile Car Window Repair and Mobile Windshield Repair

When you notice damage to your car window or windshield, it is important to call someone for mobile auto glass repair or replacement as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely that the damage will spread, causing you to need mobile car window replacement or windshield replacement service. Our mobile auto glass repair and replacement technicians will come directly to your location to perform the windshield repair service as quickly as possible.

How do you know if mobile windshield repair is right for your vehicle? It must meet these requirements:

  • The damage must be less than one inch in diameter. If it is any larger than this, it may compromise the structural integrity of the windshield, and replacing it would be a safer option.
  • The chip must not be in the driver’s line of sight. If it is, even if it is repaired, the driver’s view may be distorted, which is why a replacement would be necessary.

If our mobile car window repair services will not be enough for you to safely get back on the road, then we also offer mobile car window replacement.

Mobile Windshield Replacement and Car Window Replacement

Sometimes, your vehicle is not drivable unless you quickly get the windshield replaced. Our technicians who specialize in mobile auto glass repair and replacement always perform a thorough job by first removing any glass from your vehicle that may have fallen inside. After removing any stickers or attachments, they will then remove the old adhesive and replace it with new OEM-approved adhesive to make sure your new windshield stays in place. The mobile windshield replacement technician will also inform you when it is safe to drive the vehicle again, as the adhesive requires a certain amount of time to fully set. Besides offering our front windshield replacement service, we also offer back windshield replacement.

If you need windshield repair service, windshield replacement service, back windshield replacement or any other auto glass services in Cleveland, OH, or elsewhere in Cuyahoga County, OH, look no further than Auto Glass Fitters.