How Augmented Reality Will Change the Way We Drive

As technology advances in our workplace, home, and daily life, so too does the technology that we find inside our cars. It’s not so long ago that we were driving around in cars that did not flaunt backup cameras, brakes that will engage when we get too close, or even autonomous parallel parking systems. So […]

Infographic: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Car Against Vandalism

    Did you know that more vehicles are vandalized during the summer? At Auto Glass Fitters, a trusted provider of auto glass mobile service in Berkeley County and throughout the United States, we wanted to give our customers a few tips on simple yet effective ways to protect their cars from vandalism. These tips […]

Anti-Skid Materials May Be Putting Your Windshield at Risk

Winter is almost over, but unfortunately, it’s left behind a few hazards. Before the Storm Before every snow storm, PennDOT treats 40,000 miles of road with a mix of salt and anti-skid material. The salt melts the ice, while the anti-skid stones provide traction. Since salt needs to be spread on well-traveled roads to achieve […]

How Smart is Your Windshield?

In the past, windshields had just two functions: protect passengers and add structural strength to the vehicle. Today’s manufacturers, however, see your front window as so much more than a slab of glass. At Auto Glass Fitters, the mobile auto glass replacement experts in Montgomery County, PA and throughout the country, we always stay on […]

Staying In Control While Driving in the Rain

Nothing can put a damper on your day quite like a rainstorm. From the inconvenience of getting soaked, to the hazards it can cause on the roads, everything seems to better when the rain clouds are away. Slippery roads after rain can lead to the need for mobile auto glass replacement in Montgomery County, PA. […]

The Benefits of Hybrid Cars

What exactly is a hybrid car? Should I get one? As hybrid cars become increasingly popular, you might be asking yourself these questions. Let our mobile auto glass replacement experts serving Washington County and beyond fill you in. Less Expensive Because they rely on both a petrol tank and an electric motor, hybrid cars cost […]

3 Ways Your Windshield Can Crack

Picture this. You’re driving down the road with your favorite radio station on, the windows are down, and it feels like there’s nothing that can stop you. Sounds like a pretty good day, right? But, with years of driving experience under your belt, you know that a frustrating car problem can occur at any moment. […]

Infographic: Is It Time for a Spring Tune-Up?

Here at Auto Glass Fitters, we are happy to offer windshield replacements and other windshield repair service throughout Philadelphia as well as many other cities located in 30 states across the country! We are also happy to inform our clients about when it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a tune-up.       […]

How to Know That It’s Time for a Spring Vehicle Tune-Up

When the weather eventually begins to warm up, you’ll finally have the opportunity to get your vehicle checked out to see if it suffered any damage from the severe winter. If you live in an area that experienced snow, ice or extreme cold, these conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, especially if you […]

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