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Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services in The Virginia Beach Area

Auto Glass Fitters services Virginia Beach whether you need a windshield repair & replacement, door glass or back window has you covered.
We service the entire Virginia Beach area including Hayes, Machipongo, Hampton, Franklin, Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Richmond, Newport News, Poquoson, Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Charlottesville, Leesburg and surrounding areas in Virginia.

All of our services included free Mobile Services at your home or office, we’ll come to you.

Call today to schedule your service or a free no-obligation quote 1-877-541-4527.


You’re lounging in your Virginia Beach, VA, front yard, soaking in some sunshine on a lawn chair after having completed a lengthy list of chores and errands. Your eyes are closed behind your deeply tinted shades as you listen to the peaceful ambiance of a relaxing summer afternoon. You can hear the sound of your children laughing as they play, which brings a smile to your face. The birds are singing. A warm breeze gusts through the air, and your hair becomes tousled with its force. Suddenly a loud crash erupts in the near-distance followed only by a small gasp and then silence.
As a parent, you know that things are normally the opposite of okay when there is quiet. You jolt upright instantly and run in the direction of your two frozen kids standing wide-mouthed before your car. A long sigh escapes as your brain catches up to the dastardly sight before your eyes: A baseball caught on that lovely wind has landed solidly through your rear windshield.
When disaster strikes and your vehicle is left with something lodged in your automotive glass, there is no need to panic. Auto Glass Fitters is always ready to come to your rescue! Give us a call at 1-877-256-2054 for your back windshield replacement.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Chesapeake, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, and Norfolk, VA
Our mobile auto glass repair and replacement services span a far reach of locations because all of our equipment can be transported in our Auto Glass Fitters mobile repair and replacement vehicles. When a rock gets kicked up as you are driving through Norfolk, VA, on your way home to Chesapeake, VA, and chips your windshield, you can depend on Auto Glass Fitters for your mobile windshield repair needs.
Allowing a small chip to reside in any of your automotive glass jeopardizes its structural integrity. Doing so may compromise your safety and that of any passenger traveling with you. Over time, and with pressure and temperature changes, even the smallest cracks and chips can lead to massive fractures in the automotive glass that could break without warning just from the vibration of your car driving. Don’t delay having one of our expert technicians perform mobile windshield repair, or you will soon be in need of a much more serious windshield replacement service.
Reach out to us online at or by phone at 1-877-256-2054 at your earliest convenience to schedule our windshield repair service or windshield replacement service before it is too late!

Do You Need Auto Glass Fitters Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services?
At Auto Glass Fitters, we cover as many services on the go as our competitors accomplish in-shop. Our mobile auto glass services are guaranteed to solve your vehicle’s automotive glass issues wherever you might be. We can perform windshield replacement, mobile car window replacement and even back windshield replacement on most available makes and models of vehicles. From Fords to Volvos, Porches and more, Auto Glass Fitters has got you covered.

Our replacement services that are offered include:

  • Back windshield replacement
  • (Front) mobile windshield replacement
  • (Side) mobile car window replacement

Our repair services include:

  • (Front) windshield repair service
  • (Back) windshield repair
  • (Side) mobile car window repair

If you are in Virginia and an accident occurs, leaving you with a cracked, chipped or broken window or windshield, go online and use our free quote tool to calculate your estimate. You can also call us at 1-877-256-2054 for an estimate on our mobile car window repair or windshield replacement service today.