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Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in the Pittsburgh Area

As a car owner, you never know when you might need auto glass services. No matter where you are, what time it is or what you’re doing, your auto glass could break or shatter in an instant, requiring you to need windshield repair service. As much as you might like to think it won’t happen to your car since you take care of it frequently, sometimes needing quick mobile auto glass repair and replacement can be completely out of your control.

Say, for example, you’re getting ready to go on vacation with your family. The car is in your Pittsburgh, PA, driveway, all packed up and ready to go. While the rest of your family is still getting ready to leave, your daughter wants to play a quick game of catch with you in your front yard to pass the time. You throw the ball back and forth for a few minutes, and you both catch it every time. But suddenly she throws the ball further and harder than expected, causing it to fly right past you. You turn around to get it, and suddenly — crash. The ball flies right through your car window.

You don’t know what to do, but you know you need it fixed quickly so you can leave for vacation. You don’t have time to go to an auto shop, and there’s glass everywhere, so it wouldn’t be safe to drive. You need mobile auto glass repair and replacement as soon as possible.

Auto glass mobile service allows for you to just press a button and request a repair. Auto Glass Fitters specializes in mobile auto glass repair and replacement, and will go anywhere you need them to within Allegheny County, PA, and surrounding areas in order to repair or replace any piece of auto glass on your car.

If the incident above happened to you, you’d need mobile car window replacement. You would just call Auto Glass Fitters and wait a short period of time for them to quickly arrive at your Pittsburgh, PA, home and begin the mobile auto glass repair and replacement.

The experienced professionals at Auto Glass Fitters provide superior auto glass mobile service with only the best auto glass materials. The mobile services that we offer include mobile back windshield replacement, mobile car window repair, mobile car window replacement, mobile windshield repair, and mobile windshield replacement.

Whether you need windshield repair service at your home in Allegheny County, PA or windshield replacement service at your place of work in Pittsburgh, PA, Auto Glass Fitters will proudly provide auto glass mobile service for you.

Whether a situation occurs at your house, your job, or in the middle of the road, Auto Glass Fitters will come to you. We offer mobile car window repair, back windshield replacement and windshield replacement service in the following Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas and towns:

  • Acme
  • Amity
  • Brownsville
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • Duquesne
  • Fairbank
  • Manorville
  • Millsboro
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Oakmont
  • Pricedale
  • Rochester
    • Shippingport
    • Springdale
    • Uniontown
    • Warrendale
    • Wildwood


No matter where you are within these areas, Auto Glass Fitters is committed to providing mobile windshield replacement and other mobile auto glass repair and replacement with the best equipment and the lowest prices. Our services are covered by several insurance companies to help you leave the situation with as little stress as possible.

Next time you need a mobile windshield repair or another auto glass service in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Auto Glass Fitters. We will quickly answer any call and send you on your way to drive to your destination with your patience, time and wallet still perfectly intact.