Say No to Drowsy Driving: Tips for Staying Alert Behind the Wheel

Between the shorter days, colder temperatures, and extra holiday season obligations, winter definitely has a way of draining our energy. Those who have to drive long distances for work or frequently travel by car in their free time have most likely experienced some seasonal fatigue behind the wheel at one point or another. Driving while […]

When is it Safe to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

It seems like there’s never enough time in a day to get everywhere you need to go and do everything you need to do. Unexpected delays really throw an annoying wrench in the works. When you’re faced with an incident like a sudden chip or crack in your windshield, it can be tempting just to […]

The Auto Glass Fitters Holiday Driving Survival Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and while this is certainly a joyous time to relax and celebrate with the people we love the most, the hectic hustle and bustle out on the roads can turn even the most peaceful driver into a grinch. Holiday driving doesn’t have to be stressful! Whether you’re hitting the […]

Warning Signs of Brake Problems You Should Never Ignore

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, the health of your vehicle’s brakes becomes even more crucial. Between holiday traffic congestion, the threat of snowy weather and black ice, the roads are full of unexpected hazards that might necessitate jamming on the brakes at any moment. Poorly maintained brakes put you at […]

The Importance of Side Window Replacements

When you have a broken side window, it’s an invitation for all sorts of intruders to enter your car. Not only does a windowless side door make your car most susceptible to auto burglary or theft, but also to external contaminants, like dirt and debris. Side windows replacements are a quick process at Auto Glass […]

How to Pay for a Windshield Replacement

We understand that cost is one of the leading factors when deciding whether your windshield really needs that repair or not. In some cases, it doesn’t, but in most cases it does. Small surface pits, for example, don’t damage the integrity of your windshield, so they don’t require immediate attention and repairs unless they spread […]

Three Common Causes of Windshield Damages

Although windshields are made of highly-durable glass, they can be damaged just like everything else from both direct and indirect contact. In the case of fractured windshield glass, you should consult with a certified technician immediately. Bring your car to an experienced mechanic for windshield repair service at your local Akron Auto Glass Fitters shop. […]

Which Windshield Cracks Need Replacement and Which Don’t

Some people can go their whole lives without so much as chipping their windshield. Most of us are not that lucky. Some chips seem to appear out of nowhere, whereas other cracks unfold before your eyes like something out of a nightmare. We know which ones you’re going to worry about (the one that spans […]

Four Reasons to Take a Road Trip This Fall

If you didn’t get a chance to take a big family vacation this summer, and now you’re already busy at work or wrapped up in the back-to-school routine, don’t worry. There are plenty of excuses to pack up the car and head out on a fun road trip during the fall! If simply getting away […]

Why Choose Auto Glass Fitters For Mobile Windshield Repair?

As the leading providers of mobile windshield repair in Morris County, NJ, and the surrounding communities, we strive to do more than just fix cracks and chips in auto glass on roadsides and in parking lots throughout our area. Part of our job is to be there for customers in their time of need, to […]

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