3 Advantages of Roadside Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Large and small cracks in your windshield are not only inconvenient, but they can pose a threat to your driving visibility. Many drivers neglect small cracks in their windshield, convinced they have plenty of time to repair the damage before it gets worse. What may seem like a small issue worth putting off to another […]

Why You Should Repair Your Windshield in the Spring

Here at Auto Glass Fitters, we’re proud to offer a range of auto glass services and windshield replacement services in Akron and surrounding areas. We recommend to customers old and new to replace their windshield in the springtime as a priority if it is chipped or damaged. Our expert team of auto glass mechanics has […]

Spring Cleaning: It’s For Your Car Too

As one of the leading providers of windshield replacement service in Akron and surrounding areas, we work with thousands of vehicles in any given year. We believe that safety comes first and encourage all our customers to keep their automobiles in excellent shape. That’s why our team of mechanics, installers, and professionals have pooled together […]

4 Game-Changing Qualities of Auto Glass Fitters

There’s something calming about walking outdoors in the morning to a fresh, cool breeze. As you stroll to your car, you’re relieved at not having to defrost your windows for a change. While you’re able to see through your windshield clearly, a look of bewilderment covers your face, followed by a frustrated sigh as you […]

Car Maintenance Checklist for Your Spring Road Trip

There’s nothing like gathering your favorite people and experiencing new places — all in the comfort of your own car. Spring is the perfect season to get your car ready for an extended, or transient voyage. However long your trip is set out to be, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is well-equipped to […]

3 Ways Cold Weather Can Take a Toll On Your Car and How To Prevent Them

When the temperature dips below freezing, it’s time for snowmen, hot chocolate, fires, and decorative beanies. While these things make us happy and are some of the perks of living in a location that experiences the winter season, this weather, often, can take a toll on your car. This is mainly because metal and cold […]

How to Check and Adjust Power Steering Fluid Levels

Power steering — we’ve all heard of it; we all use it, but we may not be sure of exactly what it is. Power steering is the mechanical and hydraulic system that allows your vehicle to turn easily. Before the invention of power steering, drivers would need to turn their vehicle’s wheels (via the steering […]

3 Crucial Winter Weather Driving Tips

Driving in the winter, especially in the snow, can prove to be more difficult than driving when the roads are clear and dry. Often, it’s hard to explain to people how to drive in the snow. It’s one of those things where, if you don’t do it, you’re going to experience a small learning curve. […]

Slow Down When Winter Weather Hits — Check Your Brakes!

Making sure your brakes are working to their maximum capacity is important any time of the year, but it is especially important during the winter months. You need to be able to stop more effectively and counteract poor weather. So how can you make sure your brakes are ready for winter weather? Here, we give […]

Rotate, Align, Balance, Pump: Getting the Most Out of Your Tires

Cars are expensive — why not get the most out of the parts of your car that can cost you a lot? Tires are one of the parts of your vehicle that can cost hundreds of dollars if you don’t keep up with their maintenance. So where can you start when it comes to maintaining […]

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